Winter School Leader/Trip Ratings

Leader/Trip Rating Definitions

Winter School leaders are assigned a terrain rating and an optional activity rating. Leaders can be assigned full or co-ratings. Full leaders are expected to mentor co-leaders and take responsibility for risk management decisions.

Ratings by Terrain
  • A: below treeline, within 1 hour of intensive care
  • B: anything below treeline more than one hour from intensive care
  • C: above treeline
Ratings by Activity
  • I: single pitch ice climbing (multi-pitch requires approval for each trip)
  • S: backcountry skiing (not required for cross-country skiing)

Activity ratings are secondary to terrain ratings: a {B, S} leader can only lead ski mountaineering trips below treeline. A leader rated {A, co-B, co-I} can act as primary leader on A-level trips, can co-lead B-level trips with a full B or C leader, and can co-lead ice climbing trips as long as they qualify as B level or below.

Leader Requirements

All WS trips must have at least two leaders and one of these leaders must be a full leader for the terrain (and if necessary the activity).

A coB leader needs a full B leader to co-lead a B trip.

For A and B activity trips (climbing or skiing) one leader can be the full leader for the activity and the other leader can be the full leader for the terrain.

A B coI and a coB I leader can lead a BI trip together.

This is not the case for C trips. If you want to lead a C trip with ice climbing or skiing, the full C leader also needs to be the full I or S leader as the terrain itself and activity can’t be separated effectively from a risk management perspective.

A C coS and coC S can NOT lead a CS trip. A CS leader is required for a CS trip.