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Ice Climbing Somewhere! Sat, Jan 26 Moderate Location TBD depending on conditions Prior i... 35 / 5 0 Ana Beglova (B coC coI), Carlos Sandoval Olascoaga (A coC I), Venkata Damaraju (A coC coI)
A Weekend of Ice and Fire (Skiing, Winter ... Sat, Jan 26 Intermediate Do you like skiing? Do you like campfires? Do y... 11 / 15 4 Colin Wilson (C coS), James Turitto (A coC S), Kelly McGuire (coB coS), Kyle Pearson (B coC S), Stephanie Plant (C coS)
Intro to Winter Trail Running Tue, Jan 22 Difficult (High Intensity, Non-technical) Will update on Sunday if this trip will actuall... 4 / 8 4 Gabe Frame (A CoB), Lulu Russell (B S)
Cats on Wildcat Mon, Jan 21 Difficult Express your inner cat by being a cat on Wildca... 39 / 5 0 Cole DeNormandie (B coC), Jessica Shattuck (A coB), Kyle Barron (coB)
Jackson (Post)Hole Mon, Jan 21 Moderate/Difficult Make the most out of the three day weekend and ... 44 / 4 0 Alex Garcia (C coI), Cole Crawford (A coC), Evan Williams (B coC), Mason Glidden (B coC), Samantha Mandel (coB)... (6 in total)
Students on Skyline (Formerly Undergrads b... Mon, Jan 21 Difficult Edit: We are now hiking the Skyline trail in th... 11 / 5 1 Grace Gardner (A coB), Lulu Russell (B S), Shannon Wing (coB)
Undergrads Break the Curse of Mt. Willey (... Mon, Jan 21 Difficult The most cursed of all mountains, the dreaded (... 12 / 6 1 Lucas Arthur (B), Natalie Northrup (CoB)
Cross country skiing in Lincoln Woods Mon, Jan 21 Moderate We'll be cross country skiing around Lincoln Wo... 48 / 6 0 Ashwin Narayan (B coC), Conner Kummerlowe (A coB), Emi Lutz (B coC)
Monday Winter Photography trip Mon, Jan 21 Easy Come improve your photography skills! Boston is... 16 / 7 0 Jane McGraw (coB), Jason Jong (C), Stana Nickolich (coA)
Maple Villa Glades 2.0: SNOWMAGEDDON Sun, Jan 20 Hard Last weekend, we went to the Granite Backcountr... 16 / 4 0 Lulu Russell (B S), Tyler Toth (B coC S), William Bloxham (C coI coS)
Make an Orienteering Course in Boston Common Sun, Jan 20 Easy Come help us make an orienteering course in Bos... 7 / 4 0 David Chang (B), Fiona Imami (B coC), Gabe Frame (A CoB), Haiyan Xu (B), Melissa Bailey (A coB)... (6 in total)
Above treeline on Franconia Sun, Jan 20 Hard Join us for a day trip to the Franconia ridge ... 52 / 4 0 Ana Beglova (B coC coI), Jason Jong (C), Madeline Hickman (C coI)
Pat's Peak: Back to the Frontcountry Sun, Jan 20 Need to ski ### Want to learn how to backcountry ski? We'... 34 / 7 0 Kelly McGuire (coB coS), Odin Achorn (B coC S), Sophie Shank (A coB coS)
Intrepid Explorers on an Alien Planet Sat, Jan 19 Advanced Come join us on a sunrise hike up Madison (5367... 12 / 6 0 Ashwin Narayan (B coC), Ian Gardiner (B coC), Kathy Camenzind (B coC), Osman Ahsen (C)
Intermediate Ice Climbing / possibly Mixed... Sat, Jan 19 Medium Hard Agree that ice climbing is the best winter spor... 13 / 4 0 Chris Saulnier (ChrIS), William Bloxham (C coI coS)
Mapping the Whites on Jackson & Webster Sat, Jan 19 Moderate Comfortable hiking 8 miles or so in the summer ... 75 / 6 0 Alexandra Batchelor (B), Emily Joy Sotomayor (coB), Jessica Shattuck (A coB)
Learn to Skate (it's great!!!!!) Sat, Jan 19 Moderate/Difficult Join us for a trip to [Waterville Valley Resort... 21 / 7 0 Lucas Arthur (B), Natalie Northrup (CoB)
Blue Hills thrills Sat, Jan 19 Easy We'll head to Blue Hills Reservation for a fun ... 42 / 8 0 David Johnson (CI), Melissa Bailey (A coB)
#EmbraceTheSuck: Bonds Overnight Sat, Jan 19 Very difficult Join Colin, Cole, Cole, and Co(m)ason for an ov... 8 / 4 0 Cole Crawford (A coC), Cole DeNormandie (B coC), Colin Wilson (C coS), Mason Glidden (B coC)
Alpine Start on Avalon/Field/Willey (forme... Sat, Jan 19 Advanced Join us for an attempt to see the sunrise on Mt... 12 / 5 0 Karina Smolyar (B), Matt Melissa (C), Nicolas Romeo (coB)
Hike Mt. Garfield Sat, Jan 19 Difficult Come join us on Mt. Garfield (elevation 4500 ft... 30 / 6 0 Emi Lutz (B coC), Jane McGraw (coB)
Glamping in the Northern Presidentials Sat, Jan 19 Advanced This trip is becoming a MITOC tradition in its ... 26 / 5 0 Alex Garcia (C coI), Evan Williams (B coC), Stephanie Plant (C coS)
Liberty & Flume Sat, Jan 19 Difficult Come join us for a classic hike in Franconia No... 36 / 6 0 Kurt Herzog (coB), Tyler Toth (B coC S), Will Records (coB)
Lafayette - Lincoln (out and back) Sat, Jan 19 Advanced THURSDAY 1/17 UPDATE: We'll plan to hike up t... 43 / 7 0 Fiona Imami (B coC), Meagan Neal (C), Nicholas Alunni (C)
Above treeline on Mount Moosilauke Sat, Jan 19 Moderate-strenuous Mt. Moosilauke is a good introduction to above-... 60 / 8 0 Jason Jong (C), Tilly Taylor (B coC)
Beginner Ice Climbing II: Waterfall Boogaloo Sat, Jan 19 Beginner/Moderate Psyched to try ice climbing? Bummed that you c... 68 / 6 0 David Migl (C I S), John Walk (A coC coI), Venkata Damaraju (A coC coI)
Technical Snow Travel Skillshare Sat, Jan 19 Easy This trip is designed to provide those who are ... 13 / 6 1 Andrew N Doig (A coB), Connor Williams (coB), Shannon Wing (coB)
Hike Mount Pierce Sat, Jan 19 B On Saturday we'll have an awesome time hiking 6... 88 / 8 0 Kathleen Fleming (B coC), Michelle Moon (A coC)
Pinkham Notch Backcountry Skiing Sat, Jan 19 Moderate / Advanced skiers Let's go backcountry skiing!!! We'll explore t... 23 / 8 0 David Brown (B coC S), Juliette Devillard (coB coS)
Rumney ice climbing Sat, Jan 19 Moderate We are going to Rumney, hopefully a somewhat wa... 39 / 5 0 Alex Manzev (A coC I), Ana Beglova (B coC coI), Evgenia Moiseeva (A coC I)