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AIARE I: Avalanche Safety with Chauvin Guides Fri, Jan 31 N/A With Chauvin Mountain Guides, we will be hostin... 7 / 5 0 Nick Lingler
AIARE 2 with Synnott Mountain Guides Fri, Jan 31 N/A Friday night Jan 31 - Sunday Feb 2, learn how t... 11 / 11 0 Avilash Cramer
Jan. 30 - MetroRock Shuttle Thu, Jan 30 If you can no longer make the shuttle please em... 2 / 14 14
TRS: Avalanche Rescue Skill Refresher Wed, Jan 29 Moderate **This technical review session is for intermed... 0 / 12 12 Stephanie Plant (C coS)
MITOC Queers and Allies Potluck Wed, Jan 29 Fun Calling all the queers and allies to join us fo... 17 / 25 8 Asha Park-Carter, Fiona Imami, Ruthy Rickenbacker
Jan. 23 - MetroRock Shuttle Thu, Jan 23 If you can no longer make the shuttle please em... 2 / 14 14
Easy Chills on Blue Hills Mon, Jan 20 Very Easy Stay local this Monday and join us for a day of... 6 / 7 1 Andrzej Walczak (A coB), Bjorn Poonen (coB), Rich Kramer (A coC)
Snowshoes & Crampons on Mt Whiteface! Mon, Jan 20 Moderate Join us for an awesome, moderate hike in the Wh... 8 / 8 0 Jacob Quinn Shenker (coB), Samantha Mandel (B)
Optimistic About XC Skiing, featuring... W... Mon, Jan 20 Easy If Weston Ski Track gets decent snow and opens ... 11 / 7 1 Abby Hill (B coC), Ben Pearre (B coC coS)
Mt Willard Mon, Jan 20 Easy **Never gone hiking in the snow before? Want t... 13 / 8 2 Dan Brooks (B coC S), Madeline Hickman (C)
Cross-country skiing at Lincoln Woods Mon, Jan 20 Intermediate Come enjoy the fresh snow by cross-country skii... 8 / 7 0 Amin Rahimian (B), George Larionov (coB), Kate Shulgina (A coB)
RUN FORREST RUN! (uber-beginner xc ski trip!) Mon, Jan 20 easy! There are __lots__ of cross country ski trips t... 33 / 5 0 Amy Chen (A coB), Mary Richardson (coB)
Mad Fun on Mount Moriah (with a dog!!!) Mon, Jan 20 Medium/Hard We'll be heading up Mount Moriah via the Carter... 26 / 7 0 Abraham Skandera (coB), Connor Williams (B), Hannah Grupe (coB)
Chill XC-Skiing at Great Brook Farm or Wes... Mon, Jan 20 Easy Want to have some laid-back wintery fun on the ... 47 / 7 0 Etha Williams (coB coS), Natalie Northrup (A coB)
Ice Climbing Location TBD Mon, Jan 20 top rope We will be heading to New Hampshire to Ice clim... 18 / 4 0 Alex Manzev (A coC I), Ana Beglova (B coC I)
Joyful Jaunt up Mt. Jackson, or some other... Mon, Jan 20 Moderate Mt. Jackson* is a moderately sized peak with go... 46 / 7 0 Jason Jong (C), Jon Crowe (coB), Michelle Moon (A coC)
Skate Ski at Jackson XC Sun, Jan 19 Moderate/Difficult Join us for a speedy time skate skiing at Jacks... 4 / 8 6 Lucas Arthur (B coC), Natalie Northrup (A coB), Tony Wang (A)
Up the Osceolas! Sun, Jan 19 Moderate Join us for a very snowy hike up the Osceolas! ... 42 / 6 0 Kelly Kochanski (B coC), Matthew Goss (coB)
Intro to Sufferfesting on the Northern Pre... Sun, Jan 19 Advanced Kathy and Nico want to share their love for the... 13 / 5 0 Kathy Camenzind (C), Nicolas Romeo (B coC coS)
Let's get F.A.T. (s'mores on Field, Avalon... Sun, Jan 19 Moderate/Difficult We'll be heading on a grand adventure Sunday to... 36 / 7 0 Marissa Callahan (coB), Tian Ong (B), Vince Casbarro (A coB)
Kitkats on Wildcat Sun, Jan 19 Medium/Hard Join us for a steep hike up Wildcat D on Sunday... 41 / 7 0 Florian Pagnoux (B coC coS), Ke Qin (coB), Mary Richardson (coB)
FunTimesFieldDay at Lonesome Lake Sun, Jan 19 Easy Let's play in the snow! We'll hike up to Loneso... 41 / 7 0 Connor Williams (B), Grace Evans (coB), Katrina Magno (coB)
Gulf of Slides? Sun, Jan 19 Moderate We'll be checking out the current condies on th... 9 / 5 0 Dan Anderson (coB coS), Odin Achorn (B coC S), Samuel Gruetter (coB coS)
Cross country ski Greeley Ponds! Sun, Jan 19 Advanced We are XC skiing to Greeley Ponds! Although not... 11 / 5 0 Emi Lutz (B coC), James Hermus (B), Paul Lilin (coB)
Backcountry Skiing the Sherb Sun, Jan 19 Advanced skiing, Intermediate/difficult hiking, We'll be backcountry skiing the Sherburne Trail... 16 / 7 0 Conner Kummerlowe (B coS), Tyler Toth (B coC S), Will Records (B coC coS)
Learn to Cross Country Ski at Waterville V... Sun, Jan 19 Excitement to Learn to Cross Country Ski! We will be heading to Waterville Valley resort ... 47 / 6 0 Ashwin Narayan (B coC), Caroline Szendey (coB)
360 views on Mt. Cardigan Sun, Jan 19 Moderate We'll be hiking up the west side of Mt. Cardiga... 58 / 8 0 James White (C), Kesavan Yogeswaran (coB)
Pierce and Eisenhower via the Crawford Path Sun, Jan 19 Moderate Get your snowshoes on! The snowfall forecast fo... 36 / 8 4 Aileen Devlin (B coC), Jason Jong (C)
Volunteer Training with Outdoor Access Sun, Jan 19 Easy *THIS TRIP HAS BEEN MOVED TO SUNDAY, JANUARY 19... 6 / 8 2 Amy Chen, Erin Polich, Lulu Russell