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GBA Maple Villa Glade trail work + Backcou... Sat, Nov 16 easy Granite Backcountry Alliance is hosting trail w... 12 / 8 0 Avilash Cramer, Colin Wilson, James Turitto, Lulu Russell
Office Work Day Wed, Oct 23 Service! Winter (school) is coming, and we need to get t... 8 / 20 12 Ashwin Narayan, Cole Crawford, Florian Pagnoux, Mason Glidden
On-campus Orienteering with Navigation Games! Wed, Oct 23 Fun! Ever wanted to get more efficient with a map? W... 12 / 50 38 Nicolas Romeo
Lincoln Woods Bouldering Trip Sun, Oct 20 V.fun Come join us for a day trip to Lincoln Woods of... 18 / 8 8 Avilash Cramer (B, S, T(MP)), Bing Shao Chia (B,S), Hannah Varner (B)
Eastern Snow and Avalanche Workshop Sat, Oct 19 Easy ## ESAW ### Where Leura Hill Eastman Pe... 2 / 20 18 Colin Wilson, Neil Titchener
October Circus Fri, Oct 18 5.fun ## What's a Circus? Circuses are Friday evenin... 70 / 52 0 Aileen Devlin, Alex Catullo, Alina Ene, Andrzej Walczak, Asha Park-Carter... (24 in total)
October 17 MetroRock Shuttle Thu, Oct 17 5.fun If you can no longer make the shuttle please em... 1 / 14 13

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