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MITOC Rock Program Week 4 - Camelot Sat, Nov 3 MRP The last weekend of the MITOC Rock Program! Com... 4 / 20 16 Odin Achorn (Single-pitch)
MITOC Rock Program Week 4 - Gunks Sat, Nov 3 MRP For the last weekend for MRP, we'll be offering... 14 / 20 6 Alex Garcia (Climbing Chair), Avilash Cramer (Bouldering + Multi-Pitch), Ben Kessel (Multi-Pitch), Chris Saulnier (Bouldering + Multi-pitch), Christina Chang (Single-pitch)... (8 in total)
Climbing Gear Organization Wed, Oct 24 N/A Lets go through the MITOC office and organize o... 0 / 100 100 David Johnson (Climbing Chair)
TRS: Learn to Build Top-Rope Anchors Wed, Oct 24 Intro We will be going over how to safely build Top-R... 7 / 20 20 David Johnson (Climbing Chair)
Trail Maintenance at Farley Ledges Sun, Oct 21 service! Come help protect a local climbing gem! Togethe... 4 / 10 6 Avilash Cramer (Bouldering + Multi-Pitch), Hannah Varner (Bouldering)
Camelot keyholder training and work day Sat, Oct 20 Fun The keyholder training consists of a work day w... 27 / 40 13 David Lawrence (Camelot Manager), James Douberley (Camelot Manager)
MITOC Rock Program Week 3 Sat, Oct 20 MRP The third week of the MITOC Rock Program will b... 11 / 28 17 Alex Garcia (Climbing Chair), Christina Chang (Single-pitch), Christopher Blatchley (Single-Pitch), Cole Crawford (Single-Pitch), Mason Glidden (Single-pitch)... (6 in total)

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