Renting a Car for MITOC Trips

Renting a car through MIT

Sorry, but independent trips with MITOC gear don’t qualify for car rental discounts.

For official MITOC trips, MIT students, faculty, and staff are eligible to use MIT's corporate agreements with Avis and Budget for business travelers. Renting this way:

  1. offers a discounted rental rate
  2. waives the requirement that the renter be at least 25
  3. provides insurance coverage against both liability and physical damage
To qualify, the trip must have been approved by the club and registered with Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement 2 weeks in advance. Contact to obtain confirmation of trip registration.

See the Vice President of Finance's guidelines to booking ground transportation and MIT Office of Insurance's rental policy for more details.

Make sure to decline liability and collision/physical damage coverage when reserving or picking up the vehicle.

Note: MIT affiliates may also receive discounts for "personal/leisure" trips when renting through Avis and Budget. See the links above for more details. MITOC cannot reimburse for "personal" travel.

Car-sharing services

If using a car sharing service such as Zipcar, be aware that the mileage included in the hourly/daily rate is often less than the round-trip distance to and from out-of-state trailheads frequently visited by MITOC, which may result in additional charges.