Interested in being a MITOC climbing leader?

Carson Darling (Single-pitch), Chris Saulnier (Climbing Chair), David Johnson (Single-pitch), Maia Bageant (Climbing Chair), Nathaniel Chu (Multi-pitch), Sally Miller (Single-pitch)
Trip date
Sunday, April 9th, 2017
Difficulty rating
Lead-climbing, sport
Desire to mentor other climbers and fundamental sport lead climbing competency

Are you interested in becoming a MITOC climbing leader? Do you want to get laps in on great routes while teaching others the ropes? Do you love getting others STOKED to send?

Then come climb with us! This trip will be to evaluate and train potential new climbing leaders for MITOC. Everyone with the requisite skills is invited to come! If you are still building up your climbing skills, you can join our other climbing trips later in the season. We'll have additional recruiting/evaluation trips later in the season too.

Who should sign up for this trip?

Many people should consider joining us: MITOC climbers getting more and more confident lead climbing; nonMITOC-affiliated climbers who want to teach and are confident, strong climbers; others who want to become a climbing leader at some point but may not quite be ready, and everyone in between! This is an opportunity to climb with current leaders and meet a bunch of other passion climbers.

What is going to happen?

On Sunday April 9th, we'll meet at the parking lot of Rumney Rocks in NH at 8:30am, break up into smaller groups, and lead climb all over the place. We'll head home as the sun goes down.

Who should not sign up?

You should not sign up if: you are a beginner, you want to learn to lead climb, or you are not interested in teaching others.

What does MITOC look for in single-pitch climbing leaders? 1. Sound and safe decision making, particularly in a climbing context. 2. Strong group management skills, communication skills, and an enthusiasm for teaching and mentorship. 3. Good fundamental ropes, gear, and safety skills, including how to lead climb sport and build different types of top rope anchors. 4. The ability to confidently lead 5.9 sport at Rumney Rocks. (Note: you don't have to be at this level to join this trip, but you should be getting there!)

How does MITOC evaluate these skills?

Finding new climbing leaders depends on seeing and climbing with new people. As we get to know you, we get a feeling for your soft skills and hard skills. We get to know you through trips like this!

What if I only boulder outdoors?

Sign up and talk to us!! Our bouldering program is small, but we would be pumped to see it grow.

How excited should I get?

Like a 3-year-old who just discovered otter pops. OTTER POPS PEOPLE.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: It's going to be pretty chilly still, with temperature starting a little above freezing and reaching the 50s in the afternoon. The forecast is for clear skies right now, so we'll stick to the sunnier locations. But you should plan for the cold. Bring layers you can climb in, bring your mountaineering boots if you want to practice, and handwarmers if you need them.


first-come, first-serve
Maximum participants
Signups opened at
Feb. 25, 2017, 7:48 a.m.
Signups closed at
April 5, 2017, 9 a.m.
  1. Why are you interested in being a MITOC climbing leader? (this desire is required) 2. What is your favorite type/style of climbing? 3. What do you lead outdoors and indoors on sport? 4. Will you be able to come to Sat, Sun, or both? 5. Do you have a car, if so how many passengers? 6. Which artificial color is your favorite flavor?
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