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Aneeqa Muzammil
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Monday, April 29th, 2024
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This informal yoga class is excellent cross training for those who want to stretch/strengthen muscles worked from outings over the weekend. Class is pretty interactive, beginning with some time to meet the other MITOC yogis and make requests of our wonderful yoga "guru," Sandy, who tailors each class to the needs of the participants. The class is friendly to all levels of yogi - it's fine if you've never done yoga before.

Yoga is 5:30-7:00 PM Eastern both via zoom and in person. Sign up on this trip to attend in the comfort of your own room - or sign up on the trip "Yoga - In person" if you'd rather attend in person (space limited). It takes a few minutes to set up the zoom computer, so don't be concerned if the meeting hasn't started yet when you first join. We'll be there soon!

If you sign up before Monday morning, the link will be emailed to you. To receive weekly reminders/updates about yoga, including the zoom link, join the yoga mailing list:

No equipment is necessary to attend online: you can do yoga on a rug or bare floor, and can replace blocks, balls, and bolsters with everyday items like water bottles, books, cans, towels, blankets, belts, webbing, etc - Sandy gives suggestions. It's helpful to set up your webcam to be able to see as much of you as possible, because Sandy is very good about giving tips and additional instructions on the fly.

Your first time is free! Following that, there’s a small fee: go to, select the trip/event “Yoga”, and choose the highest fee that keeps you comfortable coming back. Larger amounts are appreciated! For comparison, a typical yoga class costs $25 or more, but you are welcome here regardless of how much you can contribute toward Sandy's pay. We look forward to seeing you!

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