Civilized search for winter

Dorota Jarecka (A coB), Rich Kramer (A coC), Yitong Tseo (coA)
Winter School
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Monday, January 17th, 2022
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Roughly half way between Boston and Providence lies the residual granite roots of volcanoes which towered as high as the Himalayas some 350 million years ago as the Atlantic Ocean was born. Presently reaching as high as the Great Blue Hill, it's the highest ground between Boston and Providence and easily visible from Mt. Monadnock on a clear day.

We'll make a decidedly civilized, un-alpine start from a trailhead located close to the Sharon commuter rail station where we will begin our search for indications that winter has truly arrived. Our expedition will cover 4 to 6 miles and ascend about 700 or so cumulative vertical feet. Our mission will be to uncover the elements of winter which have, to date, been slow to appear. Undeterred by the paucity of ice or snow, we will engage in the fine winter arts of layering and de-layering, and indulge heavily in the triangle of happiness (eat, drink, pee).

The adventure will be on the leisurely side, but with enough physical challenge to make it interesting. In addition to the usual break for lunch, we'll plan to fire up the stove and make some warm beverages to accompany the diverse and creative snacks and drinks we'll bring to share.

During this civilized undertaking, formal dress is optional.

While this trip will be especially beginner friendly, providing a good chance to gain confidence in personal gear and basic skills, it is also appropriate for all experience levels.


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