Why Walk When You Can Run? (Intro to winter trail running)

Erin Polich (coB coS), Lulu (Bones) Russell (B coC S)
Winter School
Trail running
Trip level
Trip date
Sunday, January 16th, 2022
Difficulty rating
1. Comfortable running ~6 miles, 2. Enthusiastic about winter

Winter hiking is fun, but what if you made it a little faster?

Join us for an intro to winter trail running morning at the Blue Hills. This will be around 5-7 miles of relatively easy trail running, with some elevation gain. Will likely start around 9am, weather dependent, and finish in under 2 hours.

We'll be practicing potentially running in light traction (conditions depending), as well as layering and warmth techniques for a sport that is designed to make you sweat (which is obviously not ideal for winter!)

We'll be doing this as a group, and keeping everyone together, so our speed is not the goal, but you should be comfortable running ~6 miles. Trail running is usually a few min per mile slower than your typical road pace, plus we'll be taking lots of breaks and rests.

Also, will be joined by a very adorable and enthusiastic doggo partner who will make us all feel both happy and slow.


first-come, first-serve
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Jan. 12, 2022, noon
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Jan. 13, 2022, 11:59 p.m.
  1. Any experience with winter road or trail running?
  2. What's your level of stoke for winter running (all scales acceptable)?
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