Chill Saturday in the Fells

Andrew Fasano (he/him) (B coC), Yunting Fang (coA)
Winter School
Trip level
Trip date
Saturday, January 8th, 2022
Difficulty rating
The ability to dress warmly and get yourself to the fells

Join Andrew and Yunting for a chill, beginner friendly hike in Middlesex Fells in the snow this Saturday

Middlesex Fells?

Just 6 miles from MIT, the Fells is easily accessible by public transportation and ride sharing apps. We'll plan to meet near the Oak Grove T station and start hiking at 9am along the Rock Circuit Trail. We'll plan to be out until about 2pm and to cover about 3-5 miles of distance with negligible elevation gain


The forecast calls for a sunny Saturday with temperatures around 20 degrees (f). And just before our trip, the Friday forecast calls for 4-8 in of snow(yay!!!) so we'll have lots of fresh powder to frolic in. If we can find some sleds, we'll try to do some sledding on any steep parts of the trail!

Is this trip for you?

Have you ever survived a cold day in Boston? Have you been paying attention to the Winter School lectures? Have you ever successfully walked around in the woods before? If you answered yes to all three questions, then you're definitely qualified to join us on this trip! if you have any concerns, feel free to contact the trip leaders.

If you're interested in trying out some new gear, techniques, skills, or equipment, a trip like this is the perfect time! Just be sure to mention it in the pre trip meeting so you don't show up with a 100% cotton outfit you've been dying to try out in the snow.

Depending on participant interest, we may bring some extra gear from the MITOC office (winter stoves & bivies?) to try out in a more forgiving environment.

What to bring

Plan to bring a backpack, food and water, your favorite snacks, appropriate clothing, and stoke! The trip leaders will distribute our (small amount of) required group gear at the trailhead.

Depending on the forecast, we might bring a few pairs of snowshoes which we can all take turns using.

If you have a small sled, please bring it!

Covid Safety

Our pre-trip meeting will have a zoom option and we'll be meeting at the trailhead so this might be one of the most covid-safe trips this weekend if that's something you care about


first-come, first-serve
Maximum participants
Signups opened at
Jan. 5, 2022, noon
Signups closed at
Jan. 6, 2022, 11:59 p.m.

What (if any) winter hikes have you done in the past? What do you hope to gain from this trip? Any particular skills you want to learn or gear you want to test? How stoked are you for Winter School?

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