Winter school stove maintenance

Josh Bradshaw, Trevor McCourt, Yitong Tseo
Trip date
Tuesday, December 14th, 2021
Difficulty rating
Finicky and fiddly

This session will begin at 6:30 on Tuesday so that it overlaps with office hours. We will meet outside the Stratton student center.

The vast majority of winter school trips carry one or more white gas stoves. These stoves are essential safety equipment.

Most of our stoves have sat unused for two years and they need some maintenance. During leader training I discovered that mineral deposits are occluding the fuel dispensers of some stoves, limiting their thermal performance. Stoves with mineral deposits produce significantly less heat, and the problem tends to compound upon itself because the products of incomplete combustion worsen the occlusion problem.

In this session, we will perform the recommended annual maintenance for our stoves as described in the MSR manual. I will purchase the supplies in advance,

We will also light each stove, and quarantine any stoves that are broken or missing parts. Finally, we will use paint filters to remove deposits and dirt from the fuel bottles.

This session will take place outside to ensure that we have adequate ventilation, and so that we can test the stoves. Please dress accordingly and bring a headlamp. I will bring a couple of pairs of leather gloves and a few cotton aprons which will help us avoid burning our hands and clothing.


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