MITOC Trail Race: Middlesex Fells Edition

Erin Polich, Kathy Camenzind, Paul Lilin
Trail running
Trip date
Thursday, November 11th, 2021
Difficulty rating
Moderate / Hard
You should be comfortable running the distance you're racing (keeping in mind that running on trails is a bit slower than on roads), and if doing the Skyline Trail you should have at least some trail running experience.

Hello and welcome to our newest edition of the MITOC Trail Race!!

The TL;DR:

Location: Middlesex Fells, Sheepfold Parking Lot

Distance: 14 miles, or 6 + 8 miles as a 2-person relay

Course: Skyline Trail and Reservoir Loop, both CCW

Date: 11/11/2021 (Veteran's Day)

Time: 9:30AM start - ?? whenever folks finish

Signups: 25 spots available, signup now until Sunday 11/7 @ midnight (first-come, first serve)

The full deets:

This year, we will be journeying long and far to the Middlesex Fells, a nice little (2200 acre) park with a few miles (100) of running trails, a whopping 20-minute drive from MIT (and somewhat accessible by public transit).

Course Details

The race will consist of running two popular loops (see map here), both starting and ending at the Sheepfold Dog Park and run counter-clockwise:

  • Skyline Trail: ~8 miles, ~1000ft vert. Technical terrain, with rocks/hills/roots, the whole enchilada.

  • Reservoir Loop: ~6 miles, ~500ft vert. Less hilly and technical than the Skyline, but still has its fair share of rocks and roots.

There will be two divisions to compete in: individual or 2-person relay.

  • Individual: Run the Skyline Trail, then run the Reservoir Loop. (14 miles total)

  • Relay: Person 1 runs the Skyline Trail, and when they finish, Person 2 runs the Reservoir Loop.

There will be an aid station with water/drinks/snacks at Sheepfold where teammates, finishers, and volunteers can hang out with fellow MITOCers, pet dogs, eat snacks, etc. while the other runners are still racing.


We'll do our best to organize carpooling to/from the race -- I'm closing signups on Sunday night so that we can figure out carpooling with plenty of time.

If you don't have a partner but want to compete in a relay, I'm going to drop this google spreadsheet for folks to find relay partners. Once you find a partner, please remove yourself from the spreadsheet and sign up here.


We could use a few volunteers to hang out, watch the aid station, and take down splits. If you're interested in helping out, but don't want to race, please shoot me (Kathy) an email! (And thanks!)


first-come, first-serve
Maximum participants
Signups opened at
Oct. 31, 2021, 8:34 p.m.
Signups closed at
Nov. 7, 2021, 11:59 p.m.
  1. Individual or team?
  2. Any dietary restrictions we should keep in mind for aid station snacks?
  3. TEAM ONLY - who is your partner?
  4. TEAM ONLY (optional) - team name?
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