SoR Weekend 1 – Sport & Trad

Aileen Devlin (S), Asha Park-Carter (S, T), Cole Crawford (B, TR, S, T, MP, A), Conner Kummerlowe (S), Evan Williams (S), Florian Pagnoux (S), James Hermus (B,TR,S,T,MP), Josh Bradshaw (S), Kathy Camenzind (S), Mason Glidden (B, TR, S, T, MP, A), Myles Killar (S), Nicolas Romeo (B, S), Paul Lilin (B,TR,S,T,MP)
School of Rock
Sport climbing, top rope
Trip date
Saturday, October 2nd, 2021
Difficulty rating
SoR Sport or Trad Track
SoR Sport or Trad Track Participant

This is the first week of the 2021 MITOC SoR!


We will meet at either Farley (Sport) or Rose Ledge (Trad) on Saturday morning at 8am. We have a campground reserved (see below) for Saturday night for the entire group, and will climb again on Sunday.

Rain Day

If rain precludes climbing in the area will will explore whether other areas are more suitable.


  • Be a SoR participant or leader
  • Bring all appropriate gear


Your SoR fee covers most of everything for this trip, including the trip fee, camping fee, dinner on Saturday (thanks for organizing, James!), and light breakfast on Sunday.

Your SoR fee does not cover any lunch, snacks, or gas money for your drivers.


In addition to your climbing gear be sure to bring camping gear. We will not be staying at a cabin so make sure you are prepared with a tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, etc.

Ride and Tent Share Notes

  • Please do not mix sport and trad folks in 1 car. Please either be all sport or all trad, we're going to different locations.
  • If you have roommates or significant others doing SoR, that’s the best group to carpool with.
  • COVID protocols are up to the driver (eg asking about vaccination status, driving with windows cracked or masks on). Please respect their wishes.
  • Plan on paying your driver for gas and wear & tear for their vehicle
  • Rideshare Sheet

Additional Information


first-come, first-serve
Maximum participants
Signups opened at
Sept. 9, 2021, 8:13 p.m.
Signups closed at
Sept. 18, 2021, 9 a.m.
  1. Are you able to arrive on Friday night?
  2. Do you have any food allergies?
Signups for this trip are closed.