Virtual Slideshow

Asha Park-Carter (S)
Trip date
Tuesday, July 6th, 2021
Difficulty rating
Use of zoom

Many of us have found ways to have safe adventures during COVID. Now it’s time to share the joy. Come gather virtually on July 6, 6-8pm to hear tales of MITOCer’s adventures!

Current Presenters:

  • Hannah Grupe - Month Long Solo Trip Out West

  • Nick Lingler & Carlos Emilio Sandoval Olascoaga - Oysters Express on a Breakfast Circus in Alaska (Mountaineering in AK)

  • Lulu Russell and Wililam Bloxham (Blox) - Summer Skiing in the Cascades

  • Andrew Fasano - Oh The Places You Can Go--On a Bike!

We also have room for 1-2 other speakers, with presentations of 10mins or less. If you’d like to present please email Asha. Undergrads, and underrepresented voices in the outdoors community to the front!

You do not have to be a current paying MITOC member to attend, all are welcome. We highly encourage folks to become members, if possible. Big perk: Members can put in for a food reimbursement for take out while they attend the event virtually.

Zoom Link Info

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 250 748 0613

Passcode: ThacherUEA


Free food - Reimbursement Info

(1) Everyone submitting a receipt needs to fill out the Google Form found at Categorize this expense as “Social, Trip Report,"

(2a) MIT affiliates follow the steps listed under "Other non-travel (e.g. gear, food) - with MIT certificates” on that page to submit an RFP through ATLAS. In the “Explanation” field say “Virtual Slideshow 7/6/21”, list the names of everyone the order was for, and explicitly say that you all live together.

(2b) Non-affiliates need to email MITOC-Trez with the receipt and a mailing address for a check. Also include a list of everyone the order was for.


first-come, first-serve
Maximum participants
Signups opened at
June 14, 2021, 9:55 a.m.
Signups closed at
July 6, 2021, 7 p.m.
Signups for this trip are closed.