VIRTUAL TRS: Celestial Navigation Theory

Lucas Arthur, Lulu Russell, William Bloxham
Trip date
Tuesday, March 31st, 2020
Difficulty rating
Have seen a star before

Have you ever wondered how sailors figure out where they are using just the stars (and some spherical trigonometry tables, a nautical almanac, a sextant, and maybe some pen and paper)? Wonder no more! This Tuesday, we'll be going over the theory of celestial navigation. We'll explain the geometry that allows us to know our longitude, and show you what you'd need to sight, calculate, and plot a fix. If anyone happens to have a sextant, bring it as a prop! If you have a nautical almanac or sight reduction tables, bring those too :).

This TRS will be Tuesday March 31st at 7pm through zoom, so download the application and make an account before Wednesday night! Feel free to email me ( if you have any questions.


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  1. What's your favorite star?
  2. What's your favorite ocean?
  3. Do you have any experience or prior knowledge of celestial navigation?
  4. Is there anything you really want us to cover?
  5. Would you be interested in a more in-depth series of TRS's where we work through the full process of a sight reduction?
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